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    Prices include delivery and installation in your stand! Thats right- We cut the bottom, trim any low hanging branches, install the stand, place in your home, all for one price! All you have to do is order and tell us where to put the tree! 

Christmas Trees

6 Foot 

Balsam Fir          185

9 foot 

Balsam Fir          250

7 Foot 

10 foot 

Balsam Fir         320 

Balsam Fir          205 

11 foot 

Balsam Fir         480  

8 foot 

Balsam Fir          225  

12 + foot 

Inquire for Price

9'-10' Fraser Fir  $350 

Service Upgrades

  • Tree Stand 6-10 ft     

  • Tree Stand 11-12ft+

  • Install Lights 6-8ft

  • Install Lights 9-10ft

  • Install Lights 10-12ft

  • LED Lights (per box)    









we have a limited supply of 9'-10' Fraser Fir's, we will not know their exact size until we get them- this was the range given to us by our supplier.

Please note: Sizes are not exact, size range may be + or- as much as 6" 

Although we try our best to provide as close to the advertised size as possible, the size range is set by the grower and is just a range.

Prices include; tree purchase, delivery and installation . Taxes, stand, Ornaments all extra. It is the responsibility of the customer to decorate their own Christmas tree.

Fraser Fir Christmas tree

Fraser Fir 

Balsam Fir .jpg

Balsam Fir 


    Why settle for ordinary Christmas lights when you can have the latest in lighting technology with our Stay-Lit LED Lights? These C6 bulbs come in a choice of white or coloured lights and are designed to be energy efficient, so you can enjoy a bright and beautiful tree without adding to your electric bill. LED Lights offer superior light without the heat of traditional incandescent Christmas lights. Each box contains 2 strands of lights.

Lights new.jpeg
                           Our Trees


All of our trees are grown in Canada and of the highest quality available, coming ready to install!

We only source the highest quality trees, we use only boutique growers who harvest a fraction of the trees the larger growers do.

    This allows them to spend more time shaping and trimming their trees providing a better quality product. Another advantage of boutique growers is the trees are harvested later, because they harvest fewer quantities our trees are cut later and fresher then trees supplied from growers who focus on the quantity of trees they put out.

    Using these growers allows us to also get multiple truckloads throughout the season as the trees are cut! This ensures a fresher product, rather than receiving our whole order in November and the trees sitting cut waiting to be delivered.


    Each tree is hand picked to ensure that you get exactly the tree you are looking for!


  May not be exactly as shown.

Christmas tree farm, with rows of Christmas trees

Looking for a specific species?

     We can get the tree your looking for!

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