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Bare-Bones Delivery Special


*Please fully read before placing order below*

What is the Bare-Bones Delivery?

Bare-Bones delivery has been introduced because of increased demand for delivery caused by COVID-19. In select areas we will be offering a 7' or 8' Balsam Fir delivered to you door on 3 given Saturdays for a reduced price. This service will only consist of the tree being delivered to your door, the customer will be responsible for a  fresh cut on the bottom of the tree before you install it. Please visit our pricing page to view our regular service if you are looking for our premium service or are not within the special delivery zone.


- Deliveries for this special will only be made on Saturday November 28th- Saturday December 5th and Saturday December 12th, If you are looking for other dates, please click here for our regular service.

- Please ignore the estimated delivery time, the deliveries will ONLY be on one of the 3 days in the dropdown menu.


- When placing your order you will be able to choose the desired Saturday your looking to have your tree delivered.

- Unfortunately with this special, you will not be able to choose a specific delivery time. Deliveries will be made between 9am-9pm on your chosen delivery date.

- Condos, Apartments or any dwelling where the tree cannot be left on the doorstep are not eligible for this promotion. For these homes please order through our regular service, which can be found by clicking here.  

- This promotion is only for 7' or 8' Balsam FIr's. All of the trees are of similar shape and size to streamline the delivery process, therefore you are unable to make a shape request through this service.

- Trees will be delivered to your doorstep still bailed and will require a fresh cut to the trunk before you install them in your stand.

- This special promotion is only valid within the delivery zone outlined below and you must pay online through the "place order" button below.

- Stands and Lights will not be able to be added onto this service, for that please use our regular service.

7 Foot is $150

8 Foot is $170

Balsam Fir .jpg
Balsam Fir .jpg

Click for our

Delivery Zone 

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