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What makes our trees special

    All of our trees come from Boutique growers, which is a huge advantage for a live product like a Christmas tree. This page will outline those advantages and how our trees are fresher!

    1. The average Christmas tree takes 7-10 years to grow and fill out to make a good quality Christmas tree. During this time allot of work is involved taking care of and trimming the trees every year to ensure their shape and density. Large growers who do 20,000 + trees a year have allot more trees to touch, therefore they do not spend as much time on each tree as a boutique grower.


    2. Once the trees are fully grown and ready to be harvested growers have the daunting task of cutting and wrapping all of the trees. No matter the size of the grower, they only have so much time to get their product to market before Christmas. Because of this larger growers need to get started earlier to have the trees cut in time for delivery, in some cases these larger growers will have all of their trees cut, bailed and ready to be shipped before our growers cut their first tree!

    3. Being cut later is a big advantage of the freshness of our trees, but there is also delivery! with a larger supplier trees will be cut and delivered all in one load in November. This means that no matter when the tree is installed they are cut and just sitting waiting to be put up! Trees on a Truck is different! We receive many different deliveries throughout the season, as our growers are cutting the trees ensuring that we are always getting fresh product and they are installed in our customers homes as they arrive!

    These advantages all make for a fresher, better tree! yes they do cost a more going through a boutique grower however this is because they are focusing on quality rather than quantity!

    Using boutique growers along with only offering the highest quality trees available, ensures that our trees are special! order yours today to find our for yourslef!


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