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COVID-19 Changes

For the 2021 Christmas tree delivery season you will be able to choose either doorstep delivery (we still install the tree into your stand) or social distanced in home delivery, ensuring the safety of both customers and team members.


Doorstep delivery:  You will still be able to enjoy the convenience of having your Christmas tree delivered and even installed in your stand, without us stepping foot into your home!


Doorstep delivery 


How it works:


  1. Simply order your tree through our website, stating that you would like doorstep delivery.

  2. On the day of delivery, place your stand on the front porch before your scheduled delivery. We will show up, cut and install your tree while leaving it still wrapped up for you to easily maneuver to the desired location.

  3. Once we have left, you can come outside and get the tree and enjoy.


* Please note, we will shake the tree out the best we can outside, however once the binding is cut the tree will shed more needles then normal. Do not worry, once the tree has fallen, it will not shed as much.



Modified in home delivery (wearing masks and keeping our distance)


Changes we have made:


  1. Order your tree as you would through our website.

  2. On the day of delivery, we as that you place your stand outside (if possible) before your scheduled delivery window.

  3. When we show up, we will cut and install the stand outside as per usual. Once the tree is installed we will knock on the door letting you know we are ready to precede. Our installers will always be wearing a mask when entering your home and ensuring that we are keeping a minimum distance of 6 feet, customers will also be required to wear masks during delivery.

  4. To limit the amount of time spent in the home, we will not be cleaning up the fallen needles within the house. We will do our best to shake the tree out prior to installation. We hope we can resume this part of the service next year!



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