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Customer Name: Julie

Review: Excellent service, polite, cordial, on time. I would do this again next year.


Customer Name: Debbie

Review: Excellent, fantastic service. No way I could have gotten a nice big tree in my car!


Customer Name: Auggie

Review:  Great job, very clean and efficient. Keep up the good work.


Customer Name: Amanda

Review: Love the pre-ordering and the delivery. Thanks


Customer Name: Mike

Review: Communication + Service was excellent! We love our Christmas Tree!


Customer Name: Victoria

Review: Everything is great! Great service!


Customer Name: Jeff

Review: It was a great experience. Wonderful and friendly service, clean too!


Customer Name: Tara

Review: Awesome service! Great pricing.


Customer Name: Cristina

Review: Great service, will definitely use next year!


Customer Name: Cameron

Review: Great tree and great service.


Customer Name: Randy

Review: Everything went great!


Customer Name: Jacqui

Review: Excellent


Customer Name: Amber

Review: Delivery was on time, aimed to please, very swift in setting up, cleaned up the mess (awesome), very polite, Great customer service at a reasonable price!


Customer Name: Anise

Review: Great Customer Service! See you next year!


Customer Name: Maryann

Review: Excellent.


Customer Name: Michael

Review: Excellent service, will do it again


Customer Name: Sam

Review: Great service and a beautiful tree! We'll be a customer again next year!


Customer Name: Abby

Review: Perfect! Merry Christmas!

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Christmas tree struggle. Girl struggling to load christmas tree onto car
Christmas tree display at Sotto Sotto in Toronto
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