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    At Trees on a Truck we get asked allot of questions about our Christmas Tree Delivery Service, and while we would prefer to hear from you, answering them directly, sometimes it is better to have a page dedicated to customers questions, which may answer some of your own questions but also may bring up things you would never have thought to ask about.  So enjoy some of our more popular questions, and we look forward to hearing from you!



 1. How will deliveries work with COVID-19?  This year, much like other business we will be implementing changes to protect both our customers and team members. Customers will have 2 options when it comes to delivery- a doorstep delivery in which there is no contact, although you can still get your tree installed in your stand! The second option is social distanced indoor delivery in which our team members will be wearing masks at all times.



2. What is the tallest tree I can put up in my home?  The general rule of thumb is 12-14 inches below your ceiling; this is to allow plenty of room for the stand and a tree topper. This however does depend on some factors, such as; what kind of stand you have- A stand such as the swivel straight will require even more room as it elevates the tree roughly 12 inches off the ground on its own. Another factor impacting height is how you mount the tree topper. One mounted on the top branch (leader branch) of the tree will need to be shorter that one simply resting in front of this branch. 


3. Do I have to be home all day when the tree is delivered?  No, you do not have to be home all day. We always give a 2-hour delivery window in which time your tree will be delivered and installed.


4. How long will my tree last?  A fresh cut tree should last 4-6 weeks depending on care. Your tree requires a healthy amount of water, but don't let that scare you, it isn't that hard to take care of a tree, just ensure you are checking the water levels at least twice a day and make sure your stands reservoir never runs dry.


5. How do I pay for the tree? You pay for the tree on delivery once installation is complete; we accept Visa, MasterCard, Cash and new this year Debit!


6. Why is the bottom of the tree cut before installation?  Every tree we install gets a fresh cut roughly 2 inches up the trunk minutes before it is brought into your home. This is done because the root ball has been removed. Once the tree is cut, sap starts to flow towards where the tree has been cut to seal the tree, much like your skin will to heal a cut. While this process is vital for a tree while still planted, it now starts to prevent the tree from being able to absorb a sufficient amount of water once it has been cut down. Freshly cutting the tree just before it is placed in water slows this process allowing your tree to drink more water faster and thus keeping it fresh longer.


7. Where is the best place for my Christmas Tree?  Sometimes your room dictates where you have to put your tree, however if you have the option there are a few things you should avoid to ensure the longest life. Keep your tree away from any heat sources, including; Space heaters, fireplaces, heating vents and radiators. This will dry your tree out faster resulting in a shorted life span.


8. What should I feed my tree?  The best thing to feed your tree is room temperature is better water. However, we always recommend putting a can of Ginger ale on the first watering, which increase the sugar levels and is said to help the tree adjust with the increased level of sugar. Be sure to keep an eye on the water level of your tree, as it will drink a considerable amount of water within the first couple of weeks.


9. Why does the tree drop a few more needles the first day?  As fresh as our trees are, ALL trees will loose more needles after they are cut open from being bound for transportation. We do are best to shake out any of the fallen needles before the tree is brought into your home, while also cleaning up after we install your tree, however there may be a few more needles dropped the first day or so as the branches drop and all the hidden needles fall. So don't panic, and enjoy the smell of your REAL Christmas Tree!


10. How long should I wait to decorate?  You should wait about 24 hours for the branches of your Christmas tree to fully fall and get acclimatized to its new home. This means that depending on how cold it is outside; your tree may take longer to fall. Our installers do their best to help the process by gently brushing the branches down before installation, however we have to be careful not to break any of the branches off in the cold. Once the tree is inside, you can help the process by slowly brushing the branches down speeding up the timeline in which you can start decorating! 



11. What happens to my Tree after Christmas?  After Christmas, whether you utilize our disposal service or remove the tree yourself your Christmas tree will be ground down into mulch which will be used in garden beds, planters and other landscaping projects, so you can rest easy knowing that your Christmas tree did not go to waste! 



12. Does my tree have to be in the house?  Absolutely not! It is not uncommon for customers to have tree's set up outside under covered porches or in front of large bay windows! There are actually some benefits to having the tree outside, which include; not having to water the tree- because the tree is outside in the cold, it is in hibernation mode and will stay fresh for a long time without water! Providing it is cold outside. Another benefit is no needles in the house, so if you want to try something new, it’s not a problem! Just please don't ask us to put your tree on the roof... we are currently not doing that, but who knows, maybe one day!


    13. Is a real tree better for the environment than plastic?  There has been a common misconception that an artificial tree is better for the environment then a real tree because it is used for multiple years, rather than just one.  However this is not the case, yes you have enjoyed your tree for one Christmas, but your environmental benefit has been on-going for close to a decade! That’s right, the Average Christmas tree takes 8-10 years to grow, during which time these trees are contributing to cleaner air and beautifying our landscapes, and enriching the soil in which they are grown. Christmas trees are grown on tree farms designed for revolving growth which means after a years crops are harvested, new trees are planted in their place. It doesn't stop at you either! Once you have enjoyed that beautiful Christmas tree, it is recycled by being ground down and used as mulch in turn being absorbed back into the earth. 


   So lets compare that to a plastic tree. Yes your artificial tree does last for more Christmases, although throughout its life it does not clean the air, beautify any exterior landscapes nor does anything to the soil. Even worse once this tree has come to the end of its useful life, it will be sent to a land fill where it will spend the rest of time not breaking down. Much like why the plastic straws are being eliminated from consumer use, artificial Christmas trees will have a greater long-term impact on the environment than a fresh, beautifully smelling gorgeous REAL Christmas Tree.

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