Real trees are better for the environment

A real Christmas tree is the environmental winner! Every time a Christmas tree is cut, a new one is planted in its place, to grow and mature until it has reached a desirable size. While this tree is growing it is providing shelter to animals, reducing carbon from the air, all while being a part of a scenic green belt.

Not only are Christmas trees good for the environment when they are growing, but after they have matured into the perfect Christmas tree and enjoyed over Christmas, a tree is then recycled and used to create mulch and other gardening products.

Artificial trees on the other hand, do have a longer life span, however they are made from plastic and once they have served there purpose they spend the rest of their life in a land fill.

So do the right thing for the environment, support real Christmas trees and have Trees on a Truck deliver your next tree!

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What our customers are saying!

Customer Name: Julie

Review: Excellent service, polite, cordial, on time. I would do this again next year.


Customer Name: Auggie

Review:  Great job, very clean and efficient. Keep up the good work.


Customer Name: Amanda

Review: Love the pre-ordering and the delivery. Thanks


Customer Name: Mike

Review: Communication + Service was excellent! We love our Christmas Tree!


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   Tell your friends, family and co-workers about our Christmas tree delivery service and it could pay for your tree!
   For every referral you make leading to a sale, you will receive $5 after the delivery is completed.
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