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    Prices include delivery and installation in your stand! Thats right- We cut the bottom, trim any low hanging branches, install the stand, place in your home and clean up any fallen needles, all for one price! All you have to do is order and tell us where to put the tree!

Christmas Trees

6 Foot 

Balsam Fir           160

Fraser Fir            160


7 Foot 

9 foot 

Balsam Fir        220

Fraser Fir         220   

10 foot 

Balsam Fir          180 

Fraser Fir           180

Balsam Fir        280

Fraser Fir          280 

8 foot 

Balsam Fir          200  

Fraser Fir           200


11 foot 

Balsam Fir        380   

Fraser Fir         380    



12 + foot 

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Service Upgrades

  • Tree Stand 6-10 ft     

  • Tree Stand 10-12ft

  • Install Lights 6-8ft

  • Install Lights 9-12ft

  • LED Lights (per box)    








*All of our trees are Premium grade*

Prices include; tree purchase, delivery and installation . Taxes, stand, Ornaments all extra. It is the responsibility of the customer to decorate their own Christmas tree.

Fraser Fir Christmas tree

Fraser Fir 

Balsam Fir .jpg

Balsam Fir 


LED lights that are built to last!  Energy star rated LED lights!



  May not be exactly as shown.

                 Our Trees


All of our trees are grown in Canada and of the highest quality available, coming ready to install!

Christmas tree farm, with rows of Christmas trees

Looking for a specific species?

     We can get the tree your looking for!

Lights 2021.JPG